Noise Compass

Noise Monitoring

with direction

Why should I get the Noise Compass?

Measure sound pressure as usual

Use Norsonic sound level meter or noise monitoring station to monitor the sound pressure level of a site.

Add dominant source detection

Add the Noise Compass to your setup and measure the direction of the dominant noise source, in all three dimensions.

Avoid listening - save time!

The Noise Compass allows you to mark and filter out sources outside a region of interest. The nearby railway or passing airplanes can be detected automatically, no need to listen to verify.

Calculate sound levels for the site 

Sound incident from directions not inside your definition of a site can be automatically marked and excluded from the measurement. The result is Leq or Lden values based on your site definition only.


8 MEMS microphones

 An array of 8 MEMS microphones ensures full 3D sound incident detection.

Single Ethernet cable

 The unit receives power and sends data to Nor145 and Nor150 via a single ethernet cable.

IP55 rated

 The unit is fully weather protected for harsh outdoor monitoring.

Norsonic compatible mounting

 Fits all existing outdoor microphones. The Noise Compass simply adds inn below the mic assembly.



The noise is preprocessed with A-filters.

100 ms Profile

The Noise Compass delivers data ten times a second.

Smooth in time

Directional data is exponentially smoothed in time to provide high precision indication.

Impulsive when necessary

The Noise Compass also handles impulsive sounds down to 10 ms duration. 

Quality ensured

The Noise Compass provides a quality indicator to avoid false detection.


Nor145 or Nor150

Noise Compass

Outdoor microphone






Browse measurements

Show your measurements as a function of time, and see the instantaneous direction.


Check the noise distribution over a timespan in surface and scatter plots.

Define sectors

Create your own sectors to automatically generate markers on your measurements.


Let NorCloud automatically generate reports in the interval you specify.

NorCloud is a Norsonic system to collect, display and process sound level data.

When used together with a Norsonic Sound Level Meter, you can, measure, analyse and report directly from your web browser.

Create projects, assign sound level meters to projects and configure settings such as audio recording, SMS/e-mail alarms and automatic reporting. 

NorCloud stores your data safely and conveniently, but you are of course free to download your measurements.

Define sectors with horizontal and vertical plane boundaries and quality threshold.  Any number of sectors are allowed, the resolution is 1 degree.

Interactive plots in Norcloud

Showing the LAeq value distribution. The color indicates the vertical angle (up/down), and the distance from center represents the sound pressure level.

Scatter diagram

Showing the LAeq value as a 3D surface plot. Drag to rotate, hover to see LAeq.

Surface plot





Show your measurements as a function of time, and see the instantaneous direction.


Automatic marker generation for sectors defined in NorCloud.


Generate new values for your measurements with markers included or excluded.


Generate reports for your recalculated measurements.

NorReview is a Norsonic desktop application for advanced analysis.

Import measurements to do analysis according to several international and national standards.

You can use the software to edit and annotate your measurements, calculate new functions.

NorReview supports advanced report generation and customization of reports using Microsoft Excel.

NorReview is widely acknowledged for its high flexibility and advanced functionality.

Use automatic marker calculation from NorCloud sector defines.


Horizontal angle range
Vertical angle range
Sound pressure level range
Operating conditions
0 to 360 degrees
- 90 to 90 degrees
40 to 123 dB SPL re. 20 µPa
Horizontal accuracy
Vertical accuracy
± 7.5 deg. , std. dev. typ. 2.0 deg.
± 10 deg. , std. dev. typ. 4.0 deg.
Factory calibrated with certificate
Operation principle
Time resolution
Time averaging
100 ms
Exponential time and 10 ms max
Instrument compatibility
Software compatibility
Nor145 and Nor150
NorCloud and NorReview
Ingress protection
Power supply
Nor1216, Nor1217 and Nor1218 compatible
Ethernet 100 mbps
5V to 15 V passive power-over-ethernet

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